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Thailand- the Land of Smiles

A very warm welcome to Smile Thai restaurant. Sawadee krub / Ka (Greetings in Thai)

As a Thai eatery, we pride ourselves very highly on the quality of food that we serve to all our customers. Come and let us take your palate on a journey of explosive Thai flavours that is guaranteed to please anyone who loves authentic Thai cuisine.

Smile Thai restaurant only uses daily fresh products and air flown Thai ingredients to ensure the authenticity of the food we provide to all our customers. Each bite you take will remind you of the hidden "Soi" (street in Thai) and exploration of different level of spiciness!

For those that do not consume any level of spiciness at all, Smile Thai restaurant is targeted at all adults and children of all ages. To the brave with red hot chilli peppers to the faint hearted, we provide every single type of Thai dishes without altering the real flavours of Thai cuisine.

Make your reservations now and be sure to enjoy both the food and Thai friendly hospitality Smile Thai Restaurant has to offer!

Kob khun krub / Ka ( Thank you in Thai)